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Releasing version 4.0 of the re3data Metadata Schema

re3data caters to a range of needs for diverse stakeholders (Vierkant et al., 2021). Detailed and precise repository descriptions are at the heart of the majority of these use cases, and repository metadata are given special attention at the re3data ...

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Canadian research data repositories in re3data: A collaborative effort to increase visibility and foster community engagement

Collaboration has always been a central principle for re3data. This is reflected in the fact that research communities, repository providers, and other relevant stakeholders contribute significantly to the completeness and accuracy of the re3data metadata as...

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Materials from the re3data COREF / CoreTrustSeal Workshop on Quality Management at Research Data Repositories

The objective of the workshop was to approach the pervasive, yet elusive topic of data quality management from several angles. To ensure a common frame of reference for the workshop, contributions were guided by the Framework for Quality Assurance of Data...

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