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Reviewing the subject classification in re3data

When looking for a suitable repository, the discipline(s) a repository caters to is one of the most important pieces of information. The re3data Metadata Schema reflects this priority by requiring the element subject for all indexed repositories. However,...

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From stakeholder survey and workshops to the new Conceptual Model for User Stories – a journey

To keep track of where you are going, you need to check your compass from time to time. For this purpose, the re3data COREF project undertook a series of workshops in 2020 and have now come up with a new Conceptual Model for User Stories for the Registry of...

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Releasing version 3.1 of the re3data Metadata Schema

Detailed descriptions of research data repositories are at the core of re3data. They increase a repository's visibility by enabling re3data users to find a suitable service for storing their data. Repository descriptions are based on the re3data Metadata...

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