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Mapping the global repository landscape

International collaboration has become very common in the production of scientific knowledge (Coccia and Wang, 2016; Monastersky & Van Noorden, 2019) and contributes substantially to the research output of several countries (Adams, 2013). Moreover,...

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How open are repositories in re3data?

Openness may sound self-evident, but in fact it can mean different things, even within the Open Science community (Pasquetto, Sands & Borgman, 2015). To align understanding and to ensure common goals in the transition to Open Science, clear definitions...

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Reviewing the subject classification in re3data

When looking for a suitable repository, the discipline(s) a repository caters to is one of the most important pieces of information. The re3data Metadata Schema reflects this priority by requiring the element subject for all indexed repositories. However,...

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