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Materials from the re3data COREF / CoreTrustSeal Workshop on Quality Management at Research Data Repositories

The objective of the workshop was to approach the pervasive, yet elusive topic of data quality management from several angles. To ensure a common frame of reference for the workshop, contributions were guided by the Framework for Quality Assurance of Data...

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Happy 10th Anniversary, re3data!

In this post, the authors celebrate the 10th anniversary of re3data, sharing insights about the history, the service itself, and how it has developed over the last decade. We at DataCite would like to congratulate re3data for its persistence in making information about research data repositories available. As a partner service, re3data is an important resource of reliable and high quality information for our services. As a member of the re3data Working Group and the re3data COREF project, we are pleased to contribute to the future of re3data.

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Registration closed: re3data COREF / CoreTrustSeal Workshop on Data Quality Management at Repositories on 5 October 2022

Data quality assurance is a fundamental issue for repositories that seek to ensure trust in their services. This workshop focuses on measures research data repositories undertake to ensure data quality. The objective of this workshop is to raise awareness and ...

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