Suggest Registration Policy

To be registered in a research data repository must

  • be run by a legal entity, such as a sustainable institution (e.g. library, university);
  • clarify access conditions ┬áto the data and repository as well as the terms of use;
  • have an English graphical user interface (GUI);
  • have focus on research data.

A research data repository is a subtype of a sustainable information infrastructure which provides long-term storage and access to research data that is the basis for a scholarly publication. Research data means information objects generated by scholarly projects for example through experiments, measurements, surveys or interviews.

A research data repository listed in is either:

  • a data provider if it offers research data and its metadata (ideally exposing metadata via interfaces),


  • a service provider (e.g. a portal) if it harvests the metadata of research data from data providers as a basis for building value-added services.

To be listed in a research data repository has to provide an English GUI containing basic information about the scope of the repository.

For the research data repository registration workflow see our FAQ.

If you find a research data repository missing from our list, we are open to suggestions. Please use the following form: