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As of May 11th, you can find an article with basic information about in the English version of Wikipedia. Feel free to link it to other Wikipedia articles on research data management or otherwise use it as a reference.

Growth of

Looking back over two years of development and growth of, we began in August 2012 with 23 entries. At the time of our official launch, 171 research data repositories had been cataloged. By December 2013, the team had indexed 387 repositories.

Growth of re3data.orgWith the merger of Databib and, we have become the most comprehensive registry of research data repositories with nearly 650 repositories represented worldwide. An average of 10 repositories are added to our registry every week. By improving our internal workflows and integrating Databib’s international board of editors, growth and quality are expected to continue as we anticipated reaching 1,000 repositories indexed before the end of the year.

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