Memorandum of Understanding between OpenAIRE and

October 2013 – Athens and Karlsruhe

In order to foster the sharing of research data in science and humanities, digital research infrastructures need to be in place to ensure the permanent accessibility and re-use of research data. A number of these infrastructures, often referred to as research data repositories, have been, or are in the process of, being developed  at both institutional and discipline levels.


With this Memorandum of Understanding, OpenAIRE and – Registry of Research Data Repositories – agree to work jointly to facilitate research data registration, discovery, access and re-use. By their joint effort, the two partners will contribute to the development of a vital data-sharing ecosystem, that supports scientists in their efforts to meet the growing demand of Open Science. provides an overview of existing research data repositories. Since 2012, has indexed research data repositories offering researchers, funding organizations, libraries and publishers an overview of the heterogeneous research data repository landscape. An innovative icon system helps researchers to easily identify a suitable research data repository for the storage of their research data. is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).


OpenAIRE_logo_high_resolutionOpenAIRE is an open access infrastructure, which promotes open research and measures the impact of funding streams. This is done both through its Europe-wide network of National Open Access Desks and via services for data deposit and discovery through its data repository ZENODO. Moreover, through harvesting repositories and mining techniques OpenAIRE infers links between publications, research funding and research data. This enables discovery and re-use, as well as monitoring and the ability to provide metrics. OpenAIREplus is funded by the EC 7th Framework Programme.


As a first step and OpenAIREplus will exchange metadata to enable the easy identification of appropriate research data repositories for the access and storage of research data. OpenAIREplus will integrate data repositories indexed in the registry and in turn return information about usage statistics for datasets and inferred links between data and publications. Moreover OpenAIREplus and will intensify their dialogue on best-practices and possible standards and guidelines for the emerging research data repository landscape.


October 2013, Berlin


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